Radios4fun focuses on KE4RHH's (Tom Bridgers) experiences with ham radio and electronics from the early 1950's through the present.
ARC-5, SCR-274N and R-390A military radios are special interests, particularly the latter over the last 20 years.

Specific military systems include:
ARC-5 and SCR-274N Transmitters and Receivers
LM and BC-221 Frequency Meters
R-388 receivers
R-390 and R-390A receivers
51S-1 Collins receivers

Ham Radio Gear, such as:
Hallicrafters S-38's, SX-99 and more
Heathkit AT-1, AC-1, DX-100 and more
Hammarlund 150 Receiver

Home brew transmitters, receivers and more (e,g., power supplies)
Test Equipment and related





On the right in the photo is a BC-610 Transmitter with a speech pre-amp on top.  The receiver is a Hallicrafters SX-42 with a Hallicrafters speaker beside it.  As a kid interested in radio in the early 1950's, I would have looked at this cover photo many, many times in envy and awe.  I'd imagine this ham to be located on a remote island in the Pacific, or in a rare country in Africa such as French Equitorial Africa or Libya, chasing DX radio stations (maybe in a DX contest or instead just having a conversation with a ham friend located somewhere equally exotic) while puffing on his Chesterfield or Lucky Strike cigarette.  He's probably having a lot of fun, but his turban hatted, native friend looks on with apparent skepticism.

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